Jack Chimbetete
CEO/Founder of JSI/Africalivenetwork.tv

Is an Alumni of the Prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship program that is run by the State Department through iREX. Jack has over 15 years of experience in Production, Marketing, Leadership, and Business Development and is an MBA student with the Catholic University of Milan/Zimbabwe. He has been trained in Film, TV, and Creative Arts through Wessing Film and TV (Denmark) and also holds an Honors degree in Theology. Jack has been producing Television programs, documentary series, and commercials for companies, organizations, and firms in different parts of Africa and the world. jack@africalivenetwork.tv

Romisa A. Elkarim
Chief Product Officer

at ALN and Production Designer at JSI: Romisa A. Elkarim. She is a mentor with the Sudanese Youth Innovation Taskforce and formerly worked as a youth coordinator for the United Nations Development Program. She supports young people in Sudan's underdeveloped regions by mentoring them and helping them launch social enterprise initiatives. She has coordinated projects for female entrepreneurs on the outskirts of Sudan as part of the Swiss Initiative. in addition,  she partnered with Orange Corners to serve as a mentor for their youth business and employment program. Romisa is also a specialist in human-centered design thinking.  A cohort of 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow. She has worked with ALN for four years. She has produced documentaries in Sudan and the United States for the United Nations, the University of Iowa, Drake University, and the Genesis Youth Foundation, among other organizations. 



Laura Kinnard
Chief Marketing/Investments Officer

(ALN) obtained her MBA with an Internet Marketing Specialty designation from the Florida Institute of Technology and has an Advertising Management degree with a Marketing Concentration from Drake University where she is now a professor and entrepreneurial fellow. Kinnard is the Manager of Entrepreneurship outreach for Drake University’s Pappa John Center, she co-teaches Entrepreneurship courses, and is an Entrepreneurial Fellow for Drake working as an adviser for the student startup “Hatchery,” the Business Growth Accelerator, and for the visiting Mandela Washington Young African Leaders. She was also awarded a reciprocal grant through the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) program in 2017 to do entrepreneurial management and marketing training in Nigeria, Africa. Drawing on the more than 20 years she has spent marketing and helping to develop and promote unique businesses, products, and events, Kinnard founded Curated Growth. The company intentionally curate’s resources, including physical spaces, for the purpose of fostering innovation and growing new business ventures. curatedgrowth@gmail.com

John Mahundi
Chief Technology Officer